Community and Wellbeing for all

A community hub as multi-generational
Cycling as family friendly facilitator
Lido as phase 1 Attraction

Step 01

Arrive by foot, bike, bus or car and visit the community centre to rent a bike from the cycle hub and mingle within the multi-generational allotment garden

Step 02

Cycle along the generous perimeter paths of the linear park.

Step 03

Enjoy a variety of family-friendly tracks and paths in the woodland cyclopark, potentially veering beyond the site’s confines to enjoy a day along the Mar Dyke.

Step 04

Enjoy a picnic on the Northern Lake waterside.

Step 05

Spend an afternoon swimming in the lido, sweating in the sauna and having a coffee at the Lido cafe before potentially cycling south through the tunnel collection for a loop of the south lake.

Step 06

Experience the extent of the linear park and its lake, calcareous grassland, shrubland, woodland, clearing and copse before returning the bike to the cyclo-hub and looking forward to the next visit to Arena Essex.